The Smooth Booking Station for Rooms & Desks

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The Smooth Booking Station for Rooms & Desks

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Introducing Booking Kiosk Pro – the smooth booking station

Let us introduce your new office centerpiece, the all-new Booking Kiosk Pro from GoGet. Part info point, part revolutionary room and desk booking touch system, this system maximizes your staff’s flexibility through sensible workplace digitalization. 

At its core, Booking Kiosk Pro is a super user-friendly yet powerful and cost-effective booking station for rooms and working stations. It syncs seamlessly with other Goget products, as well as Exchange, Office 365 & G Suite.

Smooth RFID authentication

Introduced with Booking Kiosk Pro is a new, smart way of booking - in your own name by using your existing key card. We have re-invented the way users can identify themselves on displays, and scaled off all complicated steps. Instead of the time consuming and sometimes frustrating traditional approach of deploying user identification through separate, server-based databases and software, all that is needed is to save a CSV file in a location of your choice. Still, users will enjoy full event sync in their own calendars. We call this Duplex Booking. No manual is needed – it is that easy.

Duplex Booking

Authentication made simple

Swipe keycard to get card UUID

Fill out CSV template 
& save to destination

Link destination URL to Room Display Center


  • Syncs with your existing system

  • Find & filter

  • Smart keycard

  • Content Board

  • Host reminders & confirmations

  • Floor

  • Tagging

  • Central

  • Company

  • Append catering request to booking

  • Desk & room

  • Smooth

Managing instant & any day bookings

With Booking Kiosk Pro, you are not just limited to bookings for the same day. Users can easily browse through available times and fully manage bookings for any day and time. If users have specific requirements, they can also filter searches based on equipment, custom tags (eg areas) and look up the best location on a map. Bonus features include automated email reminders as well as adding catering requests.

Touch login mode
RFID authentication mode

Design & Customization

Booking Kiosk Pro is designed to serve a purpose even when it is not in active use. Therefore, we have incorporated our much-appreciated feature Content Board – Digital Signage Lite. With Content Board, you can turn your Booking Kiosk Pro into a digital signage display in seconds. It is ideal to efficiently visualize and distribute information to co-workers, such as business dashboards, floor mapping, PAs and social media feeds.

As with other GoGet products, you can of course customize the look and feel of the system by adding your own background and logo, thus adding the right corporate touch.

Key features

  • Direct calendar API integration
  • No server software required
  • Authentication (UUID via RFID/NFC or UUID via user PIN*)
  • Duplex event sync to user & room calendars
  • Improved on-display catering requests
  • Content Board – Digital Signage Lite
  • Floor mapping
  • Host meeting confirmation
  • Host email reminders
  • Filtering & tagging
  • Room amenities & seating

Selected hardware for Booking Kiosk Pro

- 15-inch Integrated Android Display

Commercial Grade Android Touch Panel from ProDVX, 15 inch in black plastic enclosure. Various options available including external RFID reader and Power over Ethernet.

Technical specifications & support

  • Centralized admin (full) via Room Display Center (secure cloud or hybrid on-prem)
  • Support for Office 365 through API or EWS direct integration
  • Support for local MS Exchange (2007-2016) through EWS direct integration
  • Support for G-Suite API direct integration
  • Android (5.1-)
  • RFID/NFC Support**: MIFARE 1K, 4K, NFC Forum tags
  • While any Android tablet (min 10”) with NFC could be used for testing, Goget recommends partner hardware for commercial use. Contact Goget for more details.
  • Languages: English default, supports most other languages
  • For sizing & scaling reasons, not suitable for Android phones